PSU connectors

  Scubaman 09:20 14 Jan 2015

Hi, I have a Jeantech 400w PSU and all the plugs are self explanatory except one. I has two wires, one black and orange and one orange, (or that type of colour - I am colour blind sorry) It is a white plug and would fit onto the sysfan1, auxfan1 or nbfan1 connector on the mobo. As this connector is obviously a power out plug have you any idea what it would be used to power?

  xania 09:24 14 Jan 2015

If its the one I think, kit connects to the main 20 pin connector to make a 24 pin connector when the motherboard requires it. For most that I have seen, however, it is not required.

  bumpkin 16:38 14 Jan 2015

*I has two wires, one black and orange and one orange,

Unless I have misunderstood the 4 pin CPU has 4 wires.

  alanrwood 16:43 14 Jan 2015

The OP specifically says that there are only two wires to the plug/socket so the answers above do not fit the stated scenario

I am aware that some PSUs have a similar wired plug which does fit onto a fan connector

Wiki says: 12V only System monitoring (P10): This is a 171822-8 AMP or equivalent connector carrying a supply to the PSU fan and sense returns.

The PSU Manufacturer says: Fan Speed Monitor Connector (3-pin) providing real time rotational speed of the power supply fan to the system.

My guess is that this is the one being asked about.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:41 14 Jan 2015

if the plug is flat (inline connector) then I guess its a power plug for a floppy drive.

  alanrwood 19:53 14 Jan 2015

Hi F/B

A floppy plug has 3 or 4 wires going to it. The OP says there are two. The floppy wires would comply with the standard colour code which again is not what the OP says ie red, black (2 wires) and yellow are standard.

I had a PSU some time back which had exactly this extra cable which I did not know the reason for. I remember it took ages to find out but unfortunately I don't have the manufacturer's reply any more so I am working from memory. I seem to remember it iks a connector to allow external speed control of the PSU internal fan which is why it only has two wires a common and a sense connection. I seem to remember it could be used by an external fan speed controller or fo M/B control of the PSU fan. Have just spent the last couple of hours trying to find out more and been unsuccessful as I was last time. The best thing is to ask the PSU manufacturer to be absolutely certain. The current Jeantech site does not show any such cable so maybe the model has changed.

OP can you let us know the model number if at all possible.

  bumpkin 20:29 14 Jan 2015

*one black and orange and one orange, *

Yes 2 wires but I have never seen a black/orange colour combination on a single PSU wire. I think that the OP may be mistaken but if it is not required anyway then it does not really matter.

  bumpkin 20:35 14 Jan 2015

My first guess was a floppy drive but that has to require more than 2 wires at least 4 I would think.

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