PSU connector to motherboard

  jazz8146 10:57 24 Nov 2005

I have just bought a new psu and after i fitted it the little 4 pin connector that goes to the motherboard does not click in properly, however it does work even though not fully in. My old psu that fits snug has the exact same four pin connector apart from one of the pins is a bit smaller on just one of them. Is this normal?? Also when i am shutting down my PC it sticks on the saving settings screen for as long as i leave it but as soon as i move the mouse the slightest it turns straight off (i have read about this in forums but they say the computer actually stops responding, my doesn't - i just have to move the mouse?? Is this due to the 4 pin connector?? i cant think of anything else as it is a brand new PC!!!

  Stuartli 12:48 24 Nov 2005

Why do you need a new PSU for a new PC?

  jazz8146 15:18 24 Nov 2005

As the standard one was only 250 watts with 8 amps on the 12v rail. Not good for an athlon 64 3400+ with a radeon x800gto2!!! (caused lots of problems)

  Stuartli 15:54 24 Nov 2005

There is a simple answer to that.

It could reasonably be considered not of merchantable quality under the Sales of Goods Act and you should have insisted on a higher wattage PSU replacement free of charge.

  jazz8146 12:33 25 Nov 2005

i could but i changed the graphics card so it was probably just enough to run.

  jazz8146 12:36 25 Nov 2005

also this is supposed to be a forum for resolving issues. all i want to know about is the connector???

  ACOLYTE 12:40 25 Nov 2005

If its brand new get on to the people who sold it you and see what they say,if it's faulty they should mend it.

  Diemmess 12:48 25 Nov 2005

I agree with Acolyte as long as we are talking about the new PSU.

  jazz8146 14:44 25 Nov 2005

yes ive just been thinking about contacting the supplier. for some silly reason i never thought the psu could have been faulty, just assumed my motherboard was non compatible. cheers

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