casper69 11:55 15 Dec 2005

I’ve Just got a new 500w psu which I have connected to everything except for my fan control as it’s a female molex connector and theres no male molex connector to connect it to does any one know if theres a male to male connector to connect the fan control to my psu or have any ideas t

  DieSse 12:29 15 Dec 2005

How did you have it connected before the new PSU?

  casper69 12:35 15 Dec 2005

it wasent connected as there were not enough connectors and it was a 200w psu so not much power

  DieSse 12:49 15 Dec 2005

Cut it off and fit a male?

However a female on a fan panel would make me think this is the OUTPUT from the fan controller, not the INPUT- Check this carefully.

  casper69 12:55 15 Dec 2005

what if i connected it on to a male connector and then disconnect the fan and cut off the female on the fan and replace with a male would that work better

  DieSse 12:57 15 Dec 2005

Sorry but i don't follow that

  casper69 12:59 15 Dec 2005

sorry i think im confusing myself. im gona get a male connector cable and do as you say but check the input output first

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