PSU choice

  gremlin826 08:54 17 Feb 2005

I am building a new system and have calculated that with all the devices installed I will need at least 500w of power.Can anyone suggest a make/model of PSU in excess of 550w that is both stable/reliable and quiet?

  groundhog 00:02 18 Feb 2005

Try the overclockers site at click here

  hugh-265156 00:17 18 Feb 2005

very few computers really need that much power. tagan psu's get great reviews but are expensive click here

use this to roughly calculate the power you need and then add 25% or so for good measure click here

a heavy psu is normally better than light one have a feel for weight and look at the label if you can and get one with at least 20amps on the 12v rail if you can. the more amps the better, dont be fooled by wattage claimed by manufacturer.

  @[email protected]!c 00:24 18 Feb 2005

just too add its not the watts its the amps that count...regars karl

  Ballie 10:04 18 Feb 2005

DO NOT buy a Q-Tec the best are antec,Tagan there are many others but as @[email protected]!c says it not Watts it Amps that count I have got a Tagan 480w from click here and it is very good.

  georgemac © 10:12 18 Feb 2005

levicom, hiper, antec, enermax, tagan, thermaltake are all quality psu's

like has been said it's the MAX output in amps for the +12 +5 and +3.3 volt rails that count - ignore PEAK values - they mean nothing

if you have a powerful graphics card powered by a molex connector it will be taking it's power from the +12 volt rail

if it is a p4 or your amd motherboard uses the 4 pin power connector to power the cpu, this will also be using the +12 volt rail, so a strong +12 volt rail will be really important - and hard to find.

the pcworldcomponentcentre has a wide choice of psu's but they may probably be found cheaper elswhere.

  gremlin826 20:13 19 Feb 2005

OK so a strong +12volt rail is important. The system is based on an AMD athlon 64 3500+ (winchester), K8 motherboard and Radeon x800 pro graphic card. I am looking at Enermax 600w EG701AX-VE or at twice the price OCZ`s Powerstream 600w. Any suggestions anyone?

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