PSU for an AT Case?

  Tj_El 23:51 28 Jun 2003


A cousin of mine brought his desktop to me. What happened? I asked. Well, he said, I mistakenly tripped the switch on the power to 110V and then switched it on. (!!!!) There a big bang some smoke and since then, nothing.

Hmmm me says to meself.. I wonder what has happened inside....

Anyone know what has potentially "gone up in smoke"? All the components on the board look fine.

Do PSU's have fuses in them for protection?

Where can I get a replacement PSU for an AT desktop? The PC in question has the name 'Connect' in front - looks kinda like a generic build...? Oh, and it's a Socket 7 with 1.2GB HDD, CD drive and floppy.

The PSU itself is a Seventeam ST-200HRK 115-230V.

Any pointers appreciated. Cheers all.


there are probably thousands of these around,( i have one) but you will find it hard to find one advertised , ring round your local computer shops and ask if they have one amongst the junk gathering dust out the back. if you're lucky someone here might be local enough to supply you with one.

make sure it is AT (not NLX or one of the other strange ones)

run an ad in your local paper.

  keith-236785 05:08 29 Jun 2003

You will probably find the motherboard/memory has fried, don't spend a lot of money on the psu unless you can get it back.

i have an AT psu if you want it but i dont know if its the one you mentioned, i would have to dig it out if you are interested.

  pj123 11:17 29 Jun 2003

In my experience, I have found that it could cost more to buy a specific Psu by itself than it does to buy a new case with psu already fitted. Try Maplins, or go to click here and see if they have what you want.

  Tj_El 13:19 30 Jun 2003

I borrowed a friends PSU. When I connected it to the power supply and switched it on, the PSU did not respond.

My friend stated that the PSU has to be plugged into the motherboard before it circuit is completed and it gets power running through. I tried that as well but still it failed to respond.

I've had a look at the power socket on the board and it looks fine. Like I said all other components do not appear to be damaged. The only thing I know I haven't done yet is totally take out the board and look underneath for any 'burn' marks.

Question: Surely if the PSU voltage selector was set to 110V and power from 240 applied, the power into the PSU would kill the PSU without any passing through to the board....?




  Bodi 13:37 30 Jun 2003

most computer fairs. Many of these can be bought with desktop cases and motherboards for anywhere between £5.00 and £15.OO, depending on the motherboard and memory installed.

The chap I bought mine from tested it in front of me and to be honest, everything in it worked fine. Since upgraded the CPU, and memory, but the thing works without a problem.

Last resort I know, but if you can pick one of these up, you will at least have another PSU, plus a spare system, if your cousin's is caput.

Hope this is of help,


  Tj_El 19:21 01 Jul 2003

Is there an online listing of where Computer fairs are held in London SE? I have been to the only 2 stores I know of and none had PSU's....


  THOMAS 20:44 01 Jul 2003

Click on this link click here

  Quiller. 21:04 01 Jul 2003

I had a similar situation a few years ago.

click here

The installation of a new AT psu and the system booted first time. Luck?

There is a second hand store, here locally, that has all manner of old cases, psu's. Even pentium 166mhz base units for £10,these also have standard AT psu's. Only trouble it is 210 miles from

Oh one thing to bear in mind with the replacement psu you tried. They have 4 wires coming off them to go to the on\off switch. This must be connected. Also be careful with these as I think they take 240volts to the switch.

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