PSU cable adaptors

  wesparmalee 13:46 22 May 2006

I have a new ATX power supply unit with 24 pins connection to the motherboard.My mother board has just 20 pins.I do have an adaptor, which is for connecting PSU's with the old 20 pins to a new 24 pin motherboard.Can this lead be used to connect a new 24 pin PSU to the old 20 pin, or do you need a seperate lead for this purpose?

  ed-0 13:59 22 May 2006

Usually you just slide 4 pins off the end of the 24 pin connector. Can you do this with yours?

click here

  wesparmalee 14:00 22 May 2006

No, mine seem to be fixed.

  ed-0 14:06 22 May 2006

Then yes the converter will be fine. It just works in reverse.

I just thought it would be easier slipping off the extra 4 pins. They must of started making the 24 pins solid on some models. All of the ones I have used have had the capability of reverting to 20 pin.

Mind you I tend to use the cheaper end of the market.:-(

  wesparmalee 14:15 22 May 2006

I'll try to reverse it then.I thought this was possible, thanks for the help.

  Pamy 15:10 22 May 2006

I think you can just position the 24 pin plug in the correct place on the 20pin socket


  ed-0 18:15 22 May 2006

I was thinking about this one on the way to work, this afternoon. I think that it may be the wrong way round. ;-(

I hope I am wrong and it does fit.

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