PSU blows then HDD then maybe CD-RW; mobo ?

  charlieShaw 02:50 16 Jan 2005

I have read all messages with HDD in title.

I see similarities with my (kid's) recent experience.

PSU made bad smell; no boot lights; identify charred component on mains side (mongrel PC).

New PSU, no life from HDD or CD (lights on always).

Swapped drives for stuff from an old Presario2400; attempts to boot the original Compaq Win98, so primary IDE controller looks OK; but no joy yet from CD drive.

Still checking that I have all correct drivers etc; but BIOS does not recognize anything (had probs recognizing drive from Cpq).

Any recommendations in addition to the aida32 or diagnostics linked from the MPC site ? I haven't seen any posts about bad CD-RW..Not much point in buying new drives if the mobo / 2nd IDE ctrl is dead ?

Any info on which part of HDD/CD-RW is susceptible to PSU blow-out ? & chance of DIY repair to recover data ? (are the platters exposed when just the top cover is removed ?)..

Apologies for too many questions in first post..


  AndySD 03:23 16 Jan 2005

Does the old Presario2400 still work? if so you can try the cd in that. If that works try the hard drive as a slave drive.

  charlieShaw 15:29 16 Jan 2005

Hi AndySD;
yup, checked the Presario2400 still booted Win95 after a year retired to the cupboard.

Note correction to original post re OS on the Compaq.

My initial focus in dismantling the old box was to determine whether "new" HDD or mobo or both were kaput; now realise that if I buy a new HDD it is useless unless the CD drive works in terms of being able to do a complete new format/install etc.

I think Compaq did a good job of tying bits together into a semi-proprietary non-upgradable box with the Presario2400 (if not the whole Presario series); no expansion slots, CPU soldered to mobo, no physical space for a 3rd drive and only a single IDE connector...
Driver sw is wiered to; I once lost a file from the modem driver; had some trouble getting it back and going again; Compaq tech help swore I HAD to do a system restore...

SO, the new HDD failing to show any life in Compaq, and Compaq Win95 drive trying to start the new m/c says new HDD pretty kaput and new mobo Primary IDE port still OK.

Now trying to be sure that it is not jumper and driver trouble that is preventing the new CD from showing life signs in the Compaq; & figure whether the secondary IDE on the new mobo is still good or gone bad...

I wonder how / if the machine will behave if both CD and HDD are on the primary IDE connector...??

  AndySD 16:00 16 Jan 2005

It will work fine.But (and it a biggie) they will both run at the speed of the slowest.

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