Beverley Anne 14:59 13 Apr 2003

Hi Again,

As anyone got an Antec True430GB. I thought about getting it.

I guess that the GB on the end means it suitable for use in the UK!?

Any feedback welcome.

  mcullum_DX4Life 15:11 13 Apr 2003

i have the true blue 480 watt PSU in an Antec Plusview 1000 case and its sweet. The PSU has blue lighs on it that are really effective on the windoiw of the case.

The best thing about Antec PSU's, is that really are the wattage they say they are and not like others where they say they are 400 watts but the output is actually around 200 watts because the way the circuitry and power is divided.

However, on other PSU that i must recommend is the Q-Tech 550watt Gold PSU, i have it in one of my other computers, very quiet and is as powerful as you will need unless you realkly are an extreme overclocker with very high voltages etc...

  Rayuk 17:01 13 Apr 2003

Antec psus are top notch also have 480Trueblue in my pc.
Budget wise the QTech 550w is a good choice[beware of the lower rated models]for your info check
click here have both brands QTech less than £30

  Joe McG 17:09 13 Apr 2003

Beverly Anne,
I have an Antec SX840 with a 400 watt True psu.

I only got this case after having problems with my main electricity supply. (power cuts, surges etc), and the case and psu have got rid of all the problems with it.

I would recommend this psu to all.

  Beverley Anne 17:28 13 Apr 2003

Thanks all the replies so far.

I will order one tomorrow I am hoping it is just the psu the had it and nothing else.

When I tested the pc after installing the floppy drive did the conncting bit switched on then there was smoke.

I thought that building a pc was going to be stressful not I could have done without this happening.


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