psu and amps

  wozzy28 18:14 07 May 2010

i,m not to pc clever so here goes
i have just upgraded my graphics cards but within seconds they seem to over heat when playing a game.
my case is dust free ,well cooled and ventilated.
i have a
asus pn5-e sli motherboard.
x2 nividia gts 250 1gb overclocked by gigabyte.
4gb ram.
q6600 quad core.

my psu is a

win power
model atx 750
+5v 36a max
+3.3v 35a max
+12v1 18a max
+12v2 21a max
12v 0.3a max
5v/sb 2.0a max.

i did read some where that it could be a power issue ie not getting enough.
i read this about my cards power requirements

The Gigabyte GTS 250 requires a 450W or greater power supply, with a 12V current rating of 24Amps

do i have enough amps to power these cards.

thanks for any help

  LastChip 18:45 07 May 2010

You need to think of a power supply as multiple individual supplies. So you have a 5v line, a 3.3v line and 12v line.

Each line will have a maximum rating and it looks like your 12v lines do not supply enough power.

Power supplies are always the last in line to be upgraded, but in a sense, they are actually the most important component of all. When you start using higher end graphics cards, it is essential not only to have a power supply that can provide enough power, but also can deliver it in the highest quality. That is why genuine quality power supplies are relatively expensive.

  wozzy28 21:20 07 May 2010

ah thats what i thought.
as i said im not good with pc,s and i was being told all sorts about adding the ampage together and using the total.
all i need was a yes or a no.
so thanks very for you time in answering this.

  citadel 21:32 07 May 2010

graphics cards are able to go to higher temperatures than the cpu, if it ever gets too hot it will auto slow down, if your case has good cooling it should be ok.

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