PSU alternativeive.

  BEARBEE 14:46 05 Nov 2008

The PSU on my eMachines 420 is dead, I cannot find an exact replacement which is a Bestec ATX-250 12E so I need an alternative compatible PSU, can anyone suggest a compatible alternative ?

  woodchip 14:53 05 Nov 2008

You may need to buy a new case that takes a standard PSU swap all your bits over

  BEARBEE 14:55 05 Nov 2008

Yeah, I know, I realise the new PSU may not be the same dimensions but thats not what Im asking, I need to know a PSU that I can use as an alternative to power up the PC.

  woodchip 15:03 05 Nov 2008

Any if it fits and big enough, Just make sure that "watts on PSU" are at least equal to the old one, better is bigger

  woodchip 15:04 05 Nov 2008

One thing to think about is if the old one as blown it may have taken other hardware with it like Motherboard CPU or and Hard Drive etc

  wee eddie 15:10 05 Nov 2008

that the PSU is anything other than a Standard Unit.

If you have never done such a job before:

Open the case > take a few photos with your Mobile Phone (so that you will know which wires plug in where) > remove the old PSU > pop along to the nearest PC World (with it in your pocket) and select a new one > If in doubt get one of the Tech Guys to identify that the fittings are the same (They should be for a similar Power Range) > Maybe get a higher Wattage, but its not essential > return home > refresh your memory by checking the photos on your Mobile Phone > install and switch on.

  T0SH 16:20 05 Nov 2008

Perhaps you should first have a look at this link

click here

then decide if you want to proceed with down this road

Cheers HC

  BEARBEE 17:12 05 Nov 2008

I appreciate all the help guys, thing is that I am au fait as far as software/hardware goes but it's just that I have never had to change a PSU so just wondered if there were any things I had to look at to make sure compatability wasn't an issue when selecting a new one.
I know that I have to check that the correct amount of berg, molex etc cables were present on the new PSU but that was about all I knew.
I now know from you that I must make sure the wattage is the same or higher - anything else I need to know before moving on guys ?

  woodchip 18:30 05 Nov 2008

Not really, as long as I posted above, plus it needs all the same plugs or more for hardware

  citadel 18:56 05 Nov 2008

check that the psu has a 20+4 motherboard power connector, some new ones have just 24 meaning buying an adapter. with a 20+4 connector you just tuck the 4 pin part out of the way if you have a 20 pin connector motherboard.

  Pine Man 19:22 05 Nov 2008

Jeantech PSUs from PCWorld fit your PC.

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