psu for 8800GTX graphics card

  dooplex 23:03 24 Jan 2008

I am looking to buy a dell xps420 with an 768mb 8800GTX graphics card, but having looked up the min psu requiremnts on the nvidia website for this card, it says I would need a 450W psu min (in conjunction with a quad core 2.4 processor and 3gb of ram). The dell comes with a 425w psu. What is the score here? Am I heading for trouble down the line?

  mrwoowoo 00:21 25 Jan 2008

Try this online calculator.
Not sure how accurate.
click here

  mrwoowoo 00:28 25 Jan 2008

Just tried it and it says i need 463W though my psu is only 400W and all running fine.
I think the figure is if you are using everything at once which is very unlikely.
quad core
8600gt 512mb gpu
4gb ram

  lisa02 00:29 25 Jan 2008

with what you mention except the graphics is 512mb 8800GT.

If you read online people say Dell rate their PSUs different from the rest of the industry.

Apparently most state the peak output that the PSU can deliver, where Dell state the sustained output.

  mrwoowoo 17:03 25 Jan 2008

I would think it very unlikely that Dell would
ship pc's with inadequate psu's.
Imagine how many people would be sending them back or calling them out for repair.It would be much less hassle for them to upgrade the psu in their specs and more cost effective too.
If the card came with the system then it should be ok,although any future upgades may need something heftier.

  Totally-braindead 11:42 26 Jan 2008

The PSU as supplied will run the PC perfectly, as lisa02 has correctly said Dell for some reason rate their power supplies on some sort of mean or sustained basis. No idea why they do this as theres no real reason I can see for it and it does cause confusion amongst Dell owners when they are trying to upgrade the likes of a graphics card and are trying to see if the power supply will cope.
They are a big manufacturer, the biggest in the world I think, and theres no way they would sell a complete PC with a power supply that couldn't cope as they would get themselves in all sorts of bother and would end up having to repair all the PCs sold.

  crosstrainer 12:48 26 Jan 2008

I would not attempt to run a machine with that proposed spec with anything less than 650W.

Remember that all other hardware needs to be taken into consideration. I have 2 8800GTX cards runniing in SLI mode on this machine. It has a 1000W PSU....Could probably run it with a 750W, but left room for expansion.

  [email protected] 13:00 26 Jan 2008

wattage means very little, a quality 400 watt could run a lot more than a budget 700 watt, the 8800 gtx needs 29 amps on the 12 volt rail (or combination of 12 volts rails) as others have said dell will know this and wouldnt fit an unsuitable psu, i wouldnt worry.

  dooplex 20:23 27 Jan 2008

Thank you all for your responses. Have gone with the dell machine.

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