The Dazza 18:06 26 Aug 2005

On my machine I have the monitor powered directly from the pc. Does this strain the psu as I have been having problems which may relate to this. This relates to the problem I closed earlier.

  woodchip 18:09 26 Aug 2005

No it comes from the 240 volts side of supply. but it's not a strait connection so it could pose a problem. May be worth putting a kettle lead strait to Monitor to see how it goes

  bremner 18:10 26 Aug 2005

Strain is probably not the right word but yes it does take power.

It is a better solution not to power it from the PC but to connect it direct to the mains.

  The Dazza 18:13 26 Aug 2005

...and see if my pc still boots up afterwards. Thanks

  The Dazza 23:58 26 Aug 2005

...when the 2nd hdd wasn't plugged in I got the "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION" message again. Swapped power supply now and testing to see if that was the problem...

  DieSse 00:23 27 Aug 2005

"Does this strain the psu"

In no way whatsoever. It's not taking power *from* the PSU - it's taking mains power *via* the PSU - it's like having a two-way mains adapter in the PSU.

  The Dazza 00:29 27 Aug 2005


  The Dazza 13:59 27 Aug 2005

..changed the power supply. Worked for a bit then when I tried to boot up this morning it just froze again on the boot up splash screen "k8vse deluxe". Tried moving the RAM to a different slot to see if it was that - same result. Put RAM back in original slot and now machine doesn't even try to boot, I just get a blank screen. Does anybody know what the problem is?

  woodchip 14:04 27 Aug 2005

You may have bent a connector in the Ram socket. Have a look in the socket with the power off, use a Magnifier, or it may not be fully in.

  freaky 18:24 27 Aug 2005

What is the output capacity of your PSU ?

  User-312386 21:19 27 Aug 2005

what mobo have you got? What size PSU did you buy and can you give me the voltage of the rails please (they are on the psu)

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