PSP & USB Connections

  Belfix 15:32 09 Jan 2006

I can see that others have had similar problems but just what do you do when your xp system does not want to recognise the connection to a PSP. There are no drivers required, the connection works ok on other pc's but not mine - so it's not the cable. My pc has 6 direct usb2 ports and all things connected already (eg camera, printer, 2 128mb memory sticks etc) work ok. I have removed all these items and tried again but no success. Surely PSP owners whose pc's do not connect have to change their pc??
Help please as a solution will get my sons of my back!! :D

  Totally-braindead 16:27 09 Jan 2006

If you check in device manager, under system in control panel could you confirm it says enhanced. If it does then its USB 2.0 and I personally have no idea why it doesn't work, but if it doesn't mention enhanced then the USB 2.0 isn't setup properly and you need to reinstall your motherboard USB 2.0 drivers.

  Belfix 09:16 10 Jan 2006

Tks for your reply..I have delved a bit deeper after your advice and found the following when using device manager..there appears to be 10 lines under USBC:- 4 each stating Intel 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller with 4 seperate addresses, 1 stating Intel 82801EB USB2 Enhanced Host Controller with an address, followed by 5 lines stating USB Root Hub with no addresses. When I connect a camera or switch on the printer or insert a memory stick, the USB Root Hub lines are altered to USB Composite support, USB MSD, USB Printer Support etc. I only have 6 USB ports visible on the exterior of the pc. Can you give any further advice or where can I go from here? and why is only 1 showing USB2 enhanced and where is it?

  keef66 12:45 10 Jan 2006

In Device Manager you only see one instance of enhanced host controller for the mobo regardless of how many sockets it supports.

If you plug in a pci usb2 expansion card to give you more usb 2 ports you will get a second mention of enhanced host controller for the card.

Device manager gives you no clue as to which port is which

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