PSP problem

  wky 19:36 21 May 2006

Hi, I have a problem with my psp, playstation portable. It is a version I bought from hong kong and it will not recognise mp4 files, whereever I put it on the memory card it says that no video is there. They are encoded at 784kbps or something like that, and I put them on the top of the tree in the memory card, tried it in the psp folder, everything, still won't recognise, does anyone know why? Thanks for any help.

  skidzy 19:49 21 May 2006

Have you made a folder within the psp named folder,only yesterday i had a similar problem with the music files....also you may have to enable WMA,there is a work around for this...i will try to find the solution i used.

  skidzy 19:57 21 May 2006

Try this out,i used this to work around the WMA problem for audio problems (you will need something like the SWITCH program to convert audio files).

You could try this for the movies click here

You must name the file/folder correctly within the psp folder,if not nothing will work.

Hope this helps

  wky 22:54 21 May 2006

Hi did you mean making a folder called "Folder" inside the psp folder, or making a new folder in the PSP folder? If so, what should I call the folder, I have tried naming it VIDEOS but that didn't work. Cheers

  skidzy 23:04 21 May 2006

Firstly: do you have a built in card reader compatible with Memory Stick Duo ?

You need to make a folder called video not video's

Then drag and drop the folder into the folder called psp.This works with mp3's and do not have to enabled WMA.

You will need a program to convert the files,look at my earlier posting Sun, 21/05/[email protected]:57

If you need step by step instructions to put music on the psp just ask,movies i am presuming its the same idea.

Hope this helps

  skidzy 23:13 21 May 2006

For Music > make a folder called MUSIC add the music files then drop the folder into the psp folder.

For Videos exactly the same way but named VIDEO

If you do not spell the title of the folder correctly the psp can not find the data.

WMA if needed can only be activated by a wireless connection to the internet,requiring a registration.

Hope this helps

  wky 16:30 22 May 2006

Hi the title VIDEO does not work, I figured out you have to put the video in a folder in mp_root and now it works, thanks for help though.

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