PSP Internet

  Inx 20:13 30 Jan 2006

PSP Internet is a thing of the futer, but to get to the point im finding it a bit of trouble when picking up certain signals.

im able to connect to signals with no secruity settings, but sometimes i pick up signals with

WEP or WPA-PSK (TKIP) as their secruity settings, i cant use these connections. im thinking i have to enter the key, how would i find this out?

  wjrt 21:47 30 Jan 2006

the security settings are there to stop you accessing someone elses connection. from the sound of it you do not seem to have your own wireless connection and are sharing other peoples. a bit naughty

  vinnyT 14:12 31 Jan 2006

The whole point of people enabling wep or wpa is to keep other people from freeloading on their connection.

If you have the persons blessing to use the connection, then ask them for the access keys.

  Inx 21:14 31 Jan 2006

i understand, and yes wjrt you are correct, i do not have my own wireless connection but i can seem to pick up a few in my area.

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