Psion connection

  captain birdseye 14:14 19 Sep 2003

Does anybody know how to connect a Psion 5 which needs a serial port to a laptop without a serial port? The laptop (running Win 2k) has a docking station with a serial port which configures as com 6. The laptop shows the trying to connect animation but then fails to find the Psion. I have also tried a usb/serial converter cable with the same results. Infra red also refuses to connect. Presumably it is configuration setup problem but I don't know where to go from here. Psion is no longer made.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

  rawprawn 14:25 19 Sep 2003

I'm not sure if this helps,but I have a Psion revo which quite often will not connect when I try unless I leave it connected & reboot the desktop computer. I would give that a try using the usb/serial converter.

  captain birdseye 16:35 19 Sep 2003

thanks rawprawn. Unfortunately it didn't work.

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