psd file

  FOEYDO 11:54 29 Mar 2007

Hi, What software can I use to edit a psd file. I have windows xp paint and Jasc paint shop pro 7, neither of which will open them. Please help

  ventanas 11:59 29 Mar 2007

Adobe Photoshop - very expensive.

Paint Shop pro (later versions) will open it, and so should this click here (free)
You could then save it as something else and use PSP.

  MAJ 12:00 29 Mar 2007

PSD is a file created in Photoshop, I don't have one at the moment, but are you sure PSP7 wont open it, there is an entry for psd in the Open dialog box of PSP7.

  FOEYDO 12:27 29 Mar 2007

Paint shop is saying an undefined error 565 has occured and wont open it

  ventanas 12:31 29 Mar 2007

May depend on the age of the psd. If a new file it may have problems. That's why I suggested a later version. Get hold of the 30 day trial to see if it works.

  anchor 12:39 29 Mar 2007

I have Photoshop and am able to open a psd picture without problem in Paint Shop Pro 7.

Make sure that you have this format associated with PSP7. To do this:

Open PSP 7, click on file, select preferences, choose file format associations and make sure you have a tick against the entry Photoshop (*.psd). Then click OK.

  FOEYDO 12:41 29 Mar 2007

Nope still doesnt work, annoying because I can preview it but not open it

  anchor 12:46 29 Mar 2007

If that does not work, perhaps the psd file is corrupted.

My version of Photoshop is quite recent, (CR2)

  anchor 12:47 29 Mar 2007

What programme are you previewing it in?.

  MAJ 12:48 29 Mar 2007

PSD is an uncompressed, unflattened file format, allowing many different elements, layers etc. to be re-manipulated/edited when the file is re-opened later. Depending on how complex the image make-up is, you wont be able to open it without Photoshop, as ventanas has said already.

  pj123 13:11 29 Mar 2007

I have Photoshop 7 and PSP 7.

I have only got 5 psd files on my PC.

Photoshop will open all 5 but PSP will only open 1 of them. The other 4 PSP reports "Not a valid psd file" and won't open them, strange that.

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