ps2 vga adapter?

  Rennaissance 17:24 15 Dec 2003

Hi i have read somewhere before that a Playstation 2 to VGAadapter is available to buy, which connects your ps2 to your monitor, therefore no need for extra tv. Anyone know where i can get one and how much are they?

  madPentium 17:29 15 Dec 2003

sounds messy to me cause you would have to go into video switching unless you keep unplugging the pc to plug in the playstation.
I havnt seen such an adaptor for the playstation but will be interested in other posts on this.

  Rennaissance 17:33 15 Dec 2003

no, i think you can use both at the same time. As there is supposedly a black box which connects them both. I might make a search on the web for them and see. will post back if i find anything.

  Rennaissance 17:34 15 Dec 2003

sorry, obviously not the same time. but you can switch between them easily i should guess, as they are both plugged in.

  hugh-265156 17:43 15 Dec 2003
  Rennaissance 17:45 15 Dec 2003

ooo... i cant search due to C**P NTL today.

  Rennaissance 17:46 15 Dec 2003

good link huggyg71, thats the one im on about. May get one,

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