ps2 to usb adaptors- keyboard/mouse only ?

  greybeard 22:28 28 Nov 2006

First question is why are these simple adaptors advertised as only for keybords or mice ?
Second question is would a graphics tablet work through one ?
Many thanks for your thoughts,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:55 28 Nov 2006

why are these simple adaptors advertised as only for keybords or mice ?

Because its almost impossible to get anything else to work through them.

We use serial links to on board diagnosis software and they only work on the older machines with a "proper" serial comm 1 / 2 port

  greybeard 23:17 28 Nov 2006

Thanks Fruitbat. Have you used a graphics tablet ?
The reason I ask is that I don't know that there's much difference in the output of mice and tablets, so I wonder if it's just that tablets are still pretty rare as input devices that there not mentioned.

  AndySD 23:22 28 Nov 2006

It may work but the amount of power supplied by the PS2 port may not be enough to power the tablet. You can only try.

  €dstowe 06:36 29 Nov 2006

Graphics tablets rely on completely different technology to that used in keyboards or mice - even though the end result may be slightly similar.

Graphics tablets are usually connected via USB or (not often now) serial (Com) ports.

Why do you want a graphics tablet to work through PS/2? Where are you going to connect your keyboard and mouse if one or more of their ports are taken up by something else?

Note that the electronics behind the PS/2 ports for each of the things attached to them is different - which you will see if you plug the mouse into the keyboard socket (or the other way) so the chance of yet something different again functioning properly is slim.

  greybeard 09:01 29 Nov 2006

Andy - just looking for justification to buy the adapter :)

Edstowe - sorry, I should have said this re a laptop, so no problems with the keyboard. It does have a spare ps2 socket, but if I can use a tablet, I don't need the mouse anyway.
And by the way, the ps2 socket has a mouse and keyboard symbol on it.
The spare tablet that I have has a usb connector, but the laptop doesn't have a usb socket, hence the need for the adapter, and my question.

I hope that makes it all clear, so if anyone has tried this successfully, or not, I'd like to hear from them.

  €dstowe 09:24 29 Nov 2006

I doubt it would work.

Can you get a PCMCIA card with a USB connector on it?

  greybeard 17:34 29 Nov 2006

That's an interesting alternative.
I'll have a look.

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