PS2 Numeric keyboard

  Tazfan 13:03 31 Dec 2008

My PC has a door on the front of the tower. The tower sits in a cabinet with doors on.
I have it set in BIOS to power on with a password typed on the keyboard.
I recently bought a Bluetooth Keyboard, and this function no longer works obviously. In the gran scheme of things, my issue isnt serious. But, to power up my PC, I now have to open th elower left door to turn on the power to my switched surge protector. Then I have to open the left lower door, open the tower door and hit the power button. Close tower door then bothe lower cabinet doors. Slide out the keyboard then open both upper cabinet doors to access the monitor. This is a pain lol.
B4, it was open ldft lower to turn power on, then close. Slide the keyboard out and type hi to power up, then open upper doors. Simple.
I bought a stand alone numeric keyboard to keep on the desk to use to power up. Its a USB one, but I plug it in using a PS2/USB convertor. I was hoping it would work to power up the PC. I changed the password to 00. It doesnt work. Keeping my old PS2 keyboard plugged in, I can still ise that to start up the PC but its ontop of a scanner and a pain to get out. I can use it fine using the 00 password to power up.
Where can I get a dedicated PS2 numeric keyboard? They all seem to be USB only now. Even with a PS2 converter, I assume they need the USB power to get them to work, and thats why mine doesnt work even in the PS2 socket.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.



  T0SH 13:31 31 Dec 2008

Have you looked in BIOS setup for a setting to turn on USB at boot time, it is called many different things, but usually will have USB in the title

Like USB settings or Legacy USB support ETC ETC ETC

Cheers HC

  Jim_F 13:45 31 Dec 2008

I'm not sure there'll be many PS2 numeric keyboards out there as the numeric keyboards are used as add-ons - not much good if the kbd PS2 socket is already in use.

Most systems have the bios option for the system to resume when Power is applied - sometimes called AC Back - which was originally intended for servers - would this do what you want ?

Alternatively you could use a PS2 mouse.



  Jim_F 13:52 31 Dec 2008

I'll correct myself - loads of PS2 numeric keyboards ! click here

  Tazfan 17:29 31 Dec 2008

I will have a play in BIOS to see if I can find something to suit my needs. I doubt it with both Keyboard and Mouse being Bluetooth.
I dont think USB ports can be set to be powered with the PC turned off.
If not, I will keep things as they are. I have just got lazy over the past few years not having to open up the tower to power up.

Thank you very much for the suggestions.


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