PS/2 mouse xp home problem

  hugh-265156 10:41 03 Jul 2003

hi all.i have xp home etd and a packard bell computer with a usb mouse and keyboard.

lately i have been trying to get linux up and running.the only problem i had was it didnt like the usb mouse.i was advised to buy a cheap ps/2 mouse(logitech pilot)as these work.

i decided to try it first with xp and it does not work.i have tried uninstalling my usb mouse first then plugging in the ps/2 mouse and rebooting.i have also tried downloading updated drivers from logitec and it still does not work.

i have disabled/enabled usb legacy support and setting ps/2 kbs device node(not sure of what that is exactly?) to auto and present and still no joy.

when i plug in the ps/2 mouse the motherboard speaker gives one short beep so i take it the port works.

nothing listed in device manager.oh and i have also tried another ps/2 mouse(packard bell)and also tried the serial ports.still no joy.

anybody got any ideas please?

  madPentium 11:26 03 Jul 2003

In your bios, there is sometimes a setting that says ps/2 mouse enabled/disabled. Mine is in peripheral devices. If windows xp is not detecting the mouse, it is either a problem with the mouse or the port.
Are you sure you have the keyboard and mouse ps/2 connectors in the right sockets? silly question but a few have made that mistake.
look in the end of the ps/2 connector on the mouse lead, are any pins bent?

  hugh-265156 11:38 03 Jul 2003

lol no pins bent and its in the ps/2 socket ok.mobo beeps when i insert it.

my keyboard is usb and works fine.

not many options in my "micky mouse"bios to play with.

ps/2 legacy support: enabled/disabled.

ps/2 kbs device node:auto/present.

plug and play options just to do with the graphics card: vga boot from pci/agp.

serial ports all set to auto.

usb set to ports 1+2

tried all various settings available.and a different mouse.also set bios to defaults.

still no joy.

both xp and linux dont see it.

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