ps2 mouse npot working with new motherboard

  dwhiteley 14:08 13 Dec 2015

my mouse i want to switch from usb to ps2 mouse but i think i done everything but when i leave the ps2 mouse the pointer disapears

  spuds 14:26 13 Dec 2015

Are you using an adapter for the conversion connection?.

Perhaps the mouse needs a driver to work correctly?.

  bumpkin 15:13 13 Dec 2015

Have you tried clicking the mouse button to see if the pointer comes back. I had a mouse where if it was left the pointer would not move unless I clicked it first.

  dwhiteley 15:24 13 Dec 2015

i just tried that no change

  dwhiteley 15:25 13 Dec 2015

were do i get a driver

  rdave13 15:37 13 Dec 2015

When the pointer disappears try pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys together. Ignore task manager if showing and press the ESC key. Does the pointer come back? It's just a workaround for now if it works. You might need to update your graphics driver.

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