PS2 <> USB Mouse connection

  Danoh 09:23 24 Feb 2006

Is there any difference between connecting a mouse, wired or wireless, to the PS2 connection and a USB 2.0 connection?

Somehow I'm under the impression that USB is preferable, but why?

  Jdoki 09:32 24 Feb 2006

Shouldn't be any difference.

I connect my MS Media Keyboard and Logitech MX518 mouse using PS/2. I prefer not to waste a couple of USB ports on my keyboard/mouse when the PS/2 sockets work just as well.

  Danoh 10:53 24 Feb 2006

Thanks Jdoki; I had mine connected via USB but needed the port so have to move back to the PS/2 socket.

  Danoh 23:50 25 Feb 2006

Meant to tick the "Resolved" box earlier!

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