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PS/2 Combo Ports

  johndrew 13:57 14 Nov 2011

I have been researching motherboards as part of the process to replace my current desktop PC. Of concern is the change from having two PS/2 sockets, one for keyboard the other mouse, to the introduction of a single 'Combo' port.

All my searching has failed to provide a definitive answer as to whether a Combo port will take both keyboard and mouse simultaneously if a splitter cable were used. I understand a similar cable will connect both to a single USB port but this would defeat the objective of retaining USB ports free for use with other peripherals.

I should add that I prefer PS/2 wired keyboard and mouse rather than wifi which I find annoying when batteries get low.

With luck there is a real 'techie' who can answer this easily in simple terms and solve my problem once and for all.

With many thanks in anticipation.

  Terry Brown 14:17 14 Nov 2011

I think you will find that most Motherboards use USB sockets now for mouse and keyboard, as do virtually all the mice and keyboards you can buy, so the chances are your PS2 devices are obsolete unless you get an adapter (USB to PS2).

If you short of USB ports you can use a splitter


  johndrew 16:07 14 Nov 2011

Thanks for coming back people.

Your responses basically confirm that which I have already found out, i.e. PS/2 splitters are aimed at laptops, a USB splitter should work and that in general PS/2 sockets are obsolete. The only advance appears to be that some motherboards will work using them whilst others will not; the problem is confirming whether a motherboard will function as I should want it to when using a splitter cable. There seems to be nothing on manufacturers sites and little - other than the forgoing - elsewhere.

I suppose that what is needed is either usage experience or a manufacturers statement. Any ideas?

  johndrew 11:43 15 Nov 2011

Maybe gengiscant could answer this?

  johndrew 14:28 16 Nov 2011

No? Ah well.

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