Prvide intrnet with my DSL srvice, wifi not pssble

  AleF537 20:51 16 Apr 2017

Hi! I have a DSL internet and I want to share my internet using the same phone line (input line would also be the output line), with another house, having a different phone line. Wifi is not an option, the two places are VERY far from each other. Is that possible? The network would be: 1. My ISP-> IN(Me)OUT -> IN1 I would have to set up things in the "Me" box. The IN and OUT is the same phone line (different jacks, though:) ) I think it might be possible if I can configure the internet data of the two services to travel in different frequencies (i don't know if this is possible or stupid). The IN1 is another phone line (destination phone line) It would be like if I'm an ISP for my friend. (he can't hire internet service and I can't hire another phone line for my house) Sorry if this is a weird one. I live in Cuba ;) Thanks for your help!

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