Prpblems with a wireless keyboard/mouse

  mimomii 21:44 05 Aug 2008

Hello reader. I have a wireless keyboard/mouse that loses battery power in a few days. Do i have the singal receptor in a bad position; are my rechargable batteries finished; or is a short wireless life usual?
Thanks, Michael.

  MAT ALAN 21:47 05 Aug 2008

Might depend on the quality and the capacity of the battery...

  Woolwell 21:51 05 Aug 2008

I gave up using a cordless mouse because of short battery life but my keyboard hardly ever needed new batteries.. Others have had better experiences. I think that it depends on the brand of keyboard/mouse and the type of battery.

  mimomii 02:55 06 Aug 2008

Thank you all. I'll get some duracell and see if they have a longer life.

  BT 08:18 06 Aug 2008

Same as Woolwell. I got fed up with changing mouse batteries. I've gone back to wired mouse and keyboard. After all I don't really need to use either any further away than the length of the wires.

  Technotiger 08:25 06 Aug 2008

Hi, you may already know this, but your non-rechargeable Duracell's can in fact be recharged. Not just Duracell, any non-rechargeable can be re-charged. The charger costs about £30, but will save you money in the long-run.

  Technotiger 08:28 06 Aug 2008

Less than £30 .... click here

  Technotiger 08:29 06 Aug 2008

That link let me down, I hate it when that happens.... try this one click here

  Technotiger 08:31 06 Aug 2008

Trying once more - click here

  Technotiger 13:26 06 Aug 2008

Thanks for that link, always useful to have a back-up LoL ...... glad I'm not the only one having problems with TinyURL! Cheers.

I use the Logitech 400 Dual Laser wireless mouse, meant for laptops but excellent with my Tower set-up. Uses batteries but I can't remember the last time I had to buy any - I have the re-charger I mentioned earlier.

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