Protection needed for dvds??

  Nazzarenu Boy 10:49 22 Jul 2006

I usually make homemade dvds example of activites i make.. or other activits like theres (there is no ilegall stuff included like films etc.). I wish to know if it is possible to make a protection on the dvd. so that other who try to copy the dvds i make cant. so that i will have no loss of money.??????/

Thanks forwardly for any reply.

  Ikelos 10:57 22 Jul 2006

if the companies can not stop people remaking their DVD's i dont think you have much chance.

  Nazzarenu Boy 11:02 22 Jul 2006

I know... but i wish that i make some type of protection so dumb people (theres much in my area) wont copy them .... unless they have some type of knowledge... pls help me.. thanks forwardly

  Ikelos 11:37 22 Jul 2006

sorry Bruv, but anyone with no knowledge at all, only has to ask, and then someone says "dvdshrink" and it is all over. you have to ask, would anyone want to copy only have to go somewhere like Woolich market and see all the chinese guys flogging films that are not even released find another way of making money :-))

  rodriguez 11:38 22 Jul 2006

Unless you have a big pocket you haven't got much of a chance anyway. To write copy protection to the disc, you need an Authoring drive (click here) and even with this any DVD copy protection can be easily broken into. If these dumb people can use use google, they will come across loads of programs that will break the protection.

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