Protecting USB Flash Drives from infected PCs,How?

  myfoot 10:04 15 Feb 2008

Travelling in Spain and using Firefox portable, my USB drive picked up a virus
from an Internet cafe.(which made installed apps unuseable I reformatted and reinstalled but it happend again. (Now at least I know whre I got it!) I thought I would use ClamWin-AntiVirus from "portableApps" but believe this would involve me scanning the host computer which is a bit time consuming. So is there a practical solution to protect USB drives from infected PC's

  Clapton is God 10:39 15 Feb 2008

Instead of using a USB pen drive whilst travelling (which presumably has files on it which you need whilst on the road) why not put those files on an online storage site whilst away so you can still access them from any PC but don't need to worry about the pen drive becoming infected (or stolen).

This click here is just one example of a free online storage site

  myfoot 10:53 15 Feb 2008

@Clapton is God:
No I use portable FF or Opera and it's for the convenience of having logins and bookmarks stored and for the feel of a familiar browser. Also have portable Skype, image editors and a few other apps, but have actually stopped using it as after the last disaster, infection it was just too much work

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:05 15 Feb 2008
  Totally-braindead 12:08 15 Feb 2008

I suppose burning the files you need to a CD is not an option? Realise its not as portable but would stop the viruses infecting the disk.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:28 15 Feb 2008

avast! U3 Edition - antivirus for U3 USB flash drives

click here

  myfoot 12:54 15 Feb 2008

[email protected] Bat /\0/\, but my drive is not U3, it was originally, but some of the apps I use don't have U£ version so I un-U3ed it. Disinfection ,remember I'm using net cafe PCs would involve installing on host which is not usually possible. Also realy I'm trying to stop infection more than cure it.

@Totally-braindead: Interesting idea, have'nt come across this idea before. Don't know if portable apps will work from CD, but for the price of a blank CD and 10 minutes work I can find out. Will let you know.

  myfoot 12:58 15 Feb 2008


Actually more than 10 minutes involved as I would have to install my portable apps to a (clean) USB flash, set them up, with bookmarks,password, preferences etc, and then when all set up move them to CD as once CD I can't alter anything.

  Grantrh 13:18 15 Feb 2008

You can get USB drives like this:

click here

Which have a write protect switch on them to stop data being written to it. This would also stop you saving files etc so might not be appropriate.

  Mac70 13:28 15 Feb 2008

click here

Plug the infected drive in, double click the Flash_Disinfector, click through the prompts and leave it to run.

  myfoot 13:39 15 Feb 2008

@Totally-braindead. Nice lateral thinking there!
So I tried it with a smaller app, i.e. burning to CD, and it worked.
The app was "Fast Stone, Image Resizer" - click here - actually one I might carry as it is handy for emailing photos. I tried with Opera Portable but it somehow picked up my home PC's Opera install, and got corrupted. Will do a bit more work later, and have a look arond for those small format blank CDs,u know about 3 1/2 inch diam. as against 5" for standard CD.Things are looking up, in a nice unexpected,completely fresh direction that I've never seen mentioned.byr dOH

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