Protecting my privacy on LAN : How?

  homer 18:35 29 Aug 2004

Hi. I am on LAN with my housemates though I am sure one of them is accessing our computers and generally looking at our files etc. How can I prevent this?. I am XP and have no idea how to prevent it. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!.

  LastChip 18:45 29 Aug 2004

Is the computer you are referring to solely for your use?

If you're on a LAN, you must have to log on. Basic security demands a strong password for starters. At least six letters, upper and lower case with some special characters mixed in!

Go into policy and get rid of any "Everyone" permissions and restrict access to yourself. You can do this for a complete drive or separate files depending on what you wish to achieve.

  homer 19:03 29 Aug 2004

We all have separate computers. I am the only person to use mine and the start up is passworded. The router for the lan is always on so internet connection and network access is automatic when the computer powers on: there are no log ins for the isp or to the network. How would I go about changing the policy?.

  LastChip 19:20 29 Aug 2004

click here for a guide on how to apply policy settings.

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