protecting files on other hds, restore on xp pro

  theDarkness 17:46 02 Oct 2005

If I have more than one account on xp I know on the pro version I can protect the 'my documents' folder. This is good so that no one can access them by right clicking on the start menu and exploring, so accidental copying or deleting doesnt happen with users that like to click around aimlessly (!).

What I was wondering was how I can protect other files that arent in my 'documents' folder? Or how I can protect files I want to use as part of 'my documents' which are on a seperate drive or split section of the same drive.
I have 2 hard drives, one large western digital 300g with xp installed. This drive is split into 2 150g parts. My other drive is a Maxtor 160g.

I can create an extra 'my documents' folder on the split second part of the WD drive, and one on the Maxtor hard drive, but my problem is that if I try and protect my files as usual with the option from xp pro, only the original documents folder which is on the first part of the Western Digi drive is ever protected. Similarly, if I ever need to restore my system to a previous time and leave the docs folders alone, only the original documents folder is untouched, but the rest of my documents folders are unfortunately changed with the restore.

Any help with these 2 probs would be great! cheers :)

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