Protecting a child on chatrooms !!!!

  paulwilko 17:18 11 Dec 2006


My step daughter is now well into MSN

Trouble is you all know what trouble this could lead to if not monitored properly.

What programs are out there that will help me monitor what and who she is talking to and how can i prevent her going onto certain chat rooms and any other security risk places ?

She is on a wireless network via a Linksys router.



  skidzy 17:31 11 Dec 2006

Hi Paul

Though i cannot vouch for this program,i have read several reviews over the past few months and all seem very here

  Legolas 17:35 11 Dec 2006

The best thing along with some monitoring software is to have the PC in the lounge so you can keep an eye on what is going on.

  Totally-braindead 17:36 11 Dec 2006

Keep the PC in the main living space so you can see whats going on without it appearing that you are spying as kids hate that.
Don't know about the software options but kids are very smart when it comes to programs and if there is a way to disable it and they wish to disable it they will find a way.

  skidzy 17:46 11 Dec 2006

Though i agree with Legolas and Totally-braindead i think you need to establish some strict ground rules,especially with msn.

This can turn a child into a zombie,i know i have this problem !

I find the best thing is to limit them to 2 hours a night including there homework,and occasionly looking over there shoulder.
I know you cannot watch them all the time,but it is and always will be....down to trust.

Totally-braindead hit the nail on the head,regarding kids are smart with software programs (easily disabled) unless password protected.But again,there are apps to hack passwords.

Within msn messenger you can keep track of there chat logs,but sadly again...they can still untick this box so no record exists of the chats.

Like ive said earlier,it is down to trust with the kids.

  paulwilko 18:22 11 Dec 2006

Whilst i agree with all comments, her PC is in her room, so watching her every move is not an option really.

I have hear dof programs that allow you to view childrens internet movement from a seperate pc.
Any ideas ?



  Technotiger 18:27 11 Dec 2006

Hi, in IE go to Tools>Internet Options>Content
you can then make your own settings.

  Technotiger 18:28 11 Dec 2006

PS - using Content Advisor.

  Jackcoms 18:36 11 Dec 2006

"My step daughter is now well into MSN

Trouble is you all know what trouble this could lead to if not monitored properly"

No, I'm not sure that I do.

Please remember that MSN Messenger is a tool which permits your daughter to 'chat' (and/or exchange files) with those of her friends whose e-mail addresses appear in her address book (and vice-versa).

It does not allow her to chat to 'strangers'.

  skidzy 18:58 11 Dec 2006

"It does not allow her to chat to 'strangers'".

Im afraid it can allow her to talk to strangers jackcoms.

If she decides to join msn groups or scan through msn profiles and start talking to someone,who knows who is really on the other end ? them or he or she only have to be allowed to the contact list and away they go.

This is a common problem,and is really down to common sense from paulwilko's stepdaughter.

Just a 5 second Google and you could end up with something like this, click here
where Email addresses are posted etc.This is just an idea of how easy it is to be fooled into thinking someone is genuine.

  spuds 19:00 11 Dec 2006

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