Protect my laptop

  collinsc 20:54 22 Dec 2011

Hi Recently purchased a new laptop, with the usual "3 months free Mcafee" - firstly i want to stop this reminder - i assume i can just uninstall anything Mcafee related?

Secondly, i'd like to ask what is the best free laptop security out there nowadays. For my current laptop i use: AVAST MalwarebyAnti-malware spyware blaster


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:11 22 Dec 2011

Sounds like you already know :0)

that's a good combination.

just make sure you use the mcafee removal tool to get rid of it coeewctly before trying to install your new AV.

  iscanut 21:11 22 Dec 2011

When unistalling, you might like to have a look here...

and for a good, free security program, have a look at this..

  collinsc 21:18 22 Dec 2011

thanks :)

  iscanut 21:21 22 Dec 2011

PS. Don't forget a firewall as well. If using Win7, the windows firewall should be fine.

  collinsc 14:11 23 Dec 2011

Yup, on windows 7, cheers.

  collinsc 19:21 23 Dec 2011

iscanut - thanks for the link to the macafee removal. i have registered and i aam struggling at step 7: 7.Under the My Protection Products section, select the subscription from which you would like a license released

there appears to be no way to select the fee subscription to then carry out the subsequent step of deactivating from the laptop.


  iscanut 20:24 23 Dec 2011

Sorry you having trouble..Have never used this so are there any ex McAffee users out there ?

  collinsc 21:26 23 Dec 2011

ta, the link does say though: IMPORTANT: If your McAfee products were preinstalled by the manufacturer of your computer, ensure that you activate your McAfee subscription before uninstalling.

  robin_x 21:37 23 Dec 2011

Safe Computers:

Never erase/delete your Recovery Partition/Make Recovery DVDs when prompted.


If you don't have an external USB Hard Drive already, buy one. £60 just now. Difficult to find.

But then you make Recovery to it. A Snapshot of your current set up.

Takes an hour either way, or so. We can advise, step by step.

  collinsc 22:47 23 Dec 2011

yup! ok, thanks, ill remove using the uninstall and then also use MCPR.

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