protect folder- allow copying but not no deletion?

  theDarkness 19:06 13 Mar 2009

I have work files on an external hd-I am looking for a program that will protect the main root folder, to allow viewing and copying of any content contained within, but disallow deletion without the correct password? The only thing I can find is FlashCrypt, but this is not exactly what I want, it is a good program but this also prevents viewing and opening any content without a password. Does anyone know of a program that will simply allow me to make my files in a specified folder only ask for a password when they are trying to be deleted or moved to another location? the latter is not important if the location is on the same hd since nothing is being removed, but if anyone knows of any non encrypting software that will ask for a password when files are trying to be deleted that would be great. thanks very much

  lotvic 23:25 13 Mar 2009

There are a few ways - depends on what they are.
click here for ways to do it.

  theDarkness 23:36 13 Mar 2009

thanks for the reply-i just thought it would be more awkward to do when all the files exist on a seperate external hard drive devoted to storing documents and work files, and nothing else. if the external drive is simply connected to another computer that has an admin account, is it not possible that all files on the external drive could still be modified or deleted? i thought its all very well installing software that can secure the files and prevent deletion, but i really need to find software that will also protects these same files on the same external drive no matter where the external drive is connected, without having to install software on each system it is used with

thanks for the reply :)

  theDarkness 13:05 16 Mar 2009

need to bump this *boing!!!* :)

thanks for the link, but all the software I can find on google either encrypts or is required to be installed on every single machine I want to connect my external drive to.

if im using an external drive with content I want them to be able to read without a password (but not allow to delete), do I really need to install the protective software on every single pc I connect the hd to in order to prevent people changing or deleting files? I do not need software that will encrypt or anything like that, just merely ask for a password every time someone wants to delete anything from the external drive, no matter what system the external is connected to.

I do not want the required protective software to be installed on every single machine the external hd connects to, because then the files are hardly protected as a result, and anyone can simply connect the drive to an admin account anywhere else and mess around or delete content-that would be useless! if anyone has any ideas on how I can protect my external hd files-installing the required software only on the external drive would be ideal, but then the external is only meant for backup work, and does not have an installed op system, how can I solve my problem? thanks for any info

  theDarkness 13:33 16 Mar 2009

ok ive found "Hibit" which supposedly does the job, supposedly freeware.. but theres a catch:-

"Free Registration:
Dear visitor...all freewares in the market are lack something, to give you the Activation Code of full HiBit freely you must help us to promote it by the following steps:

1-Promote (Write about) HiBit in any blog, forum or site *
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lol-shameful!- they should mention the above beforehand, although admittedly with the program being around £10 you cant complain too much! :)

has anyone tried it out? wouldnt want to find out the hard way that some of these protective free software programs can be a little glitchy and ruin files from time to time! thanks

  theDarkness 13:39 16 Mar 2009

it can be found here:

click here

  theDarkness 19:05 16 Mar 2009

Ok ill recommend to avoid as this program also installs a clone CSRSS.exe 120 kb file thats hard to delete, despite the fact that their program itself might have been good. labelling one of their processes identically to a microsoft one is rather sneaky and doesnt give out the impression of a legitimate company. Shameful! Make sure you have more than one account as this has now buggered up my user account, i can no longer log in. I cannot choose a guest account either.. aaargh

  lotvic 23:22 16 Mar 2009

thanks for the 'heads up' on that.
Definitely a no-no program - one to avoid.

  theDarkness 22:38 17 Mar 2009

I managed to solve my problem by connecting a very old clicking 'on its last legs' hard drive to my system, installing XP onto that and accessing my other drive from there to put move Hibit to its original location. Luckily when doing so and restarting my pc, I can now log back in to my original drive with XP and uninstall Hibit properly. The program deleted its own clone of csrss.exe file when I did, so everything is back to normal-hurrah! :) lol

I suppose since all files associated with Hibit were removed from my system when I uninstalled, I should give the developers some credit for that, but as to why they would name one of its processes identical to a common microsoft one is bizarre in the very least-if it wasnt intended.

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