Prossesor or Motherboard problem

  Star5 22:43 18 Feb 2005

While cleaning the computer my son took out the prossesor by accident while trying to remove the fan. He put it back in again but computer will not start. Now when he turns computer on fans start but no beeps. Checked graphics card and other components all seem to be fine but still no signal to the monitor.

MEDION PCMT5, Pentium 4, 1900mhz, MOBO-microstar ms-6534VER:1, ATI 9600 PRO.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks star5

  ste_bla 22:51 18 Feb 2005

If you have checked the GFX in another machine and there are NO beeps what so ever it surgest the motherboard is bust

  FelixTCat 23:18 18 Feb 2005

Did he put it back in properly? Take it out again, check it very carefully for bent pins and, if it is OK, put it back. Processors have one corner chamfered and this matches the shape of the socket - make sure it is put in the right way round.

Clamp the processor properly in place and replace the heat sink.

Restart the computer.

  Star5 23:41 18 Feb 2005

Hi, Graphics card works in another computer, and i checked that the prossesor is correctly in place.

But i still get the sample problem.

Thank you for your help


  SEASHANTY 00:04 19 Feb 2005

If he handled the processor pins without gloves he may have caused static damage. The processor may now be U/S. Only sure way to tell is by testing in another PC.

  Star5 00:30 24 Feb 2005

Whilst taking a break from decorating we had more time to have a good look at the computer. We then discovered that the processor pins were not firmly in place as we first thought. This was after taking everything out and trying it in another computer and taking the battery out.

Sorry to have wasted your time but at least the computer got a good clean out and it is up and running beautifully.

Thanks for the help


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