Proshowdold v5/W7 sound not synchronising

  kayanbee 17:30 21 Nov 2013

I am using Proshowgold 5 to create audio visual shows.

The problem is when I run a preview of the newly created audio visual show it is OK. When I run the preview full screen (1920 x 1080) the sound get out of synchronisation with the slide and also when I publish the final .exe file it is still out. Have you any ideas?

  Bris 19:05 21 Nov 2013

I had a similar problem with Sony Vegas, as it handles the video track separately from the audio track and had picked up a previous audio track which was slightly out.

I cured it by navigating to the rendered files folder where I found two audio tracks one of which had an earlier date than the video track but this was the one it had attached so I attached the correct one and deleted the other.

I know its a long shot as you are using a different product but if it handles the video and audio tracks separately then at least it may give you a clue.

  kayanbee 11:55 22 Nov 2013

HI Bris, Thank you for your reply. Proshowgold is not video but stills with audio track attached. Publishing puts it together and makes an .exe file. It works OK on one computer but not on another one. Do I have a computer problem? Everything else works OK.

  Bris 16:42 22 Nov 2013

Have you tried running the .exe file created on the PC where you have the problem, on the PC where you dont?

My guess is that the specs of the two PCs are different and that the one with the problem is having difficulty processing the HD video probably down to the lack of CPU/GPU power.

  kayanbee 18:37 23 Nov 2013

Hi Bris, Yes. The newer Chillblast PC is the one with the problem which has a slightly faster i5 processor than my older one. My older one also Chillblast also i5 plays perfectly. Perhaps it is a PSU problem. Thanks again. I'll see if I can get another PSU from them. I'll keep you posted.

  Bris 18:14 24 Nov 2013

I have had a quick look at their website and note that it shares processing between the CPU and GPU. Does the new PC have a lower spec graphics card than the old one? Also check that the screen definitions are the same on both PCs i.e. the screen definition and refresh rate.

there is a dedicated forum here which may offer some help.

  kayanbee 11:29 29 Nov 2013

Hi Bris, I have solved my synchronisation problem. After tearing my hair out I discovered the Monitor refresh rate was 59Hz instead of 60Hz. I have never changed this from its default value so I don't know why it was incorrect. Thank you for your help.

  Bris 09:33 01 Dec 2013

Hi kayanbee.

Glad you got it sorted. A 59Hz rate is a new one on me.

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