Proshow gold

  moorephil 22:55 16 Aug 2005

Hi has anyone used Proshow gold and experienced any problems?
I am using this excellent software but the finished dvd stops and starts when I play it.
Any ideas


  Diodorus Siculus 07:51 22 Aug 2005

When creating the DVD, do you experience any problems?

  hssutton 08:53 22 Aug 2005

There where problems with the first DVD version, but this was quickly updated. Since the upgrade 12 months ago I've experienced no problems

  thegreypanther 09:03 22 Aug 2005

I use this program and have produced some fantastic results with it. BUT, I have found that on PCs with a low spec graphics card, and possibly also a fairly slow chip speed (ca. 800 Mhz) the output can be very jerky. It is possible that ProShow Gold requires fairly high spec equipment in order to get the best out of it.

  moorephil 20:12 22 Aug 2005

Thanks for your replies,
I don't experience any problems when I create the DVD.
I am also not sure which version I have but I must have the latest.
How do I check how fast my chip is and what would you recommend.
The thing I don't understand is the DVD never stops in the same place.

  thegreypanther 21:04 22 Aug 2005

If you go to "Start" - "Run" and enter "dxdiag" you will get a very thorough analysis of your computer, - the cards on it, the chips it uses and so on. On the PC that I use to run ProShow Gold the chip speed is 1.8 GHz and I have a graphics card with 128 Mb RAM (or something like that. The PC with the lower chip speed, 800 MHz, is the one where the output from ProShow Gold doesn't appear to be too good.

  moorephil 16:23 23 Aug 2005

Thanks for replying emnic,
By chip speed are you refering to the cpu speed,because mine is a Pentium (R)4 CPU 3.00GHz(2CPUs).
I have 1024MB RAM and I have a graphics card of:
NVIDEA GeForce FX5700LE with a memory of 256.0 MB.

  hssutton 17:28 23 Aug 2005

Better specs than my PC, and I run ProShow without problem

  moorephil 18:23 23 Aug 2005

Thanks for your help hssutton.

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