Proposing a new design to a company with a website

  gplatt2000 22:26 16 Feb 2004

Hi there! I have found a site which I think is poorly designed (ok ltes face it there's a lot of them but this one I just have this urge to do something about) and think I could do a much better job of designing it. I want to e-mail the company proposing a new site deign (I thought hey,m I may aswell Ive got nothing to loose). So I looked at their 'contact' page and found to e-mail addresses - 'ifno' and 'web master'. Now what I need to know is, which do I contact - I thought webmaster as it is a site issue but isn't it him who will have designed the sit, look after it and therefore be very protective of it?

Thanks a lot in advance

  PurplePenny 23:08 16 Feb 2004

On our site whichever address you used would end up in my e-mail and I'd be well and truly annoyed.


  gplatt2000 23:23 16 Feb 2004

Hmmmm ok so its not such a good idea?

  gplatt2000 23:26 16 Feb 2004

I was just thinking something along the lines of - are you interested in a redesign, if so contcact... Well obviously more than that but that would be the jjist of it.

  Forum Editor 23:56 16 Feb 2004

on this.

If I received such an email it would be in the bin within seconds - it's spam, the email equivalent of the junk mail that pours through your letterbox every day if you run a business.

  Gaz 25 21:20 17 Feb 2004

Well, theres not much point. It is not your site, so dont worry about it.

  Gaz 25 21:20 17 Feb 2004

PS. I know the feeling. click here

  jg1990 21:26 17 Feb 2004


If you sent an email to the company it would be classified as unsolicited, so it is spam. Spam has recently become made illegal. So beware.



  gplatt2000 21:40 17 Feb 2004

OK thanks a lot for the help guys. And yes I forgot about the whole legal issues. So now I wont bother, ah well just have to hope people will actually find my site (well, once its up) and want web design! lol

And Gaz - lolol what a site. I wonder why people actually buy from a company that uses the sae pointing hand gif 5 times on one site, as well as a running cheater, tryin to sell computers!!

Thanks again everyone

  Taran 22:29 17 Feb 2004

Regardless of whether it qualifies as spam or not, how would you feel if I popped a letter through your door saying I'd glimpsed your living room through your open curtains and thought I could do a much better job than your last decorator...


  Sir Radfordin 22:36 17 Feb 2004

I don't think that emailing a company directly can count as spam - if it does we will all be in serious trouble. In my view any company that puts an email address on its website should expect emails from customers or other business offering services.

If you really do think you can produce something better than what is already being used by the company then send them a letter and see if you can arrange a meeting - you will have to sell them your idea though. I don't see anything wrong in that, and it happens all the time in business.

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