Promise Ultra 133 TX2 ATA/133 PCI Controller

  Zeppelyn 21:40 26 Feb 2005

I have just fitted the the above and seemed OK on booting PC back up. It recognised in its own BIOS that I had installed an IBM Deskstar 80gb HDD as Master (Jumpers ok). The problem started when ADD HARDWARE WIZARD recognised this and attemped to install driver, the green progress bar gets to end but install doesnt finish and box just sits there. Device Manager calls it Mass Storage Controller under SCSI and RAID controllers - Is this right ?

Checked DEVICE MANAGER and recognised ok as working properly but there is yellow exclamation mark against the disk with Code 1 error and will not install driver so therefore Disk not recognised.

Also the freeze happens if I attempt to install any other hardware.

Hope some one can advise where I might be going wrong.

PS Disk reformatted as FAT32 before install and recognised OK when atached to motherboard.

  howard60 22:15 26 Feb 2005

in the main original pc bios you must set the hard disk drive to not installed. Then the pci card bios will take over after the initial post has run its course.

  Zeppelyn 22:23 26 Feb 2005

If i do that then how will PC boot, can't see logic of your suggestion. Surely it should be just another HDD on different controller.

  Zeppelyn 23:17 26 Feb 2005

Googling this I get the impression I have an IRQ conflict, all suggestions welcomed.

  howard60 23:30 26 Feb 2005

the pci card bios takes over after the initial post. If your pcs bios is set to auto then the pci card bios cannot take control of your drive. I take it that is why you have put the card in.

  Zeppelyn 23:54 26 Feb 2005

Googling this I get the impression I have an IRQ conflict, all suggestions welcomed.

  Zeppelyn 00:01 27 Feb 2005


How does the PCI Controller BIOS load the OS if that drive is disabled, the HDD on PCI controller is formatted and blank.

  Zeppelyn 00:33 27 Feb 2005


Ok, disabled HDD from boot sequence and here I am so that bit worked. Boot order is now 1. Floppy, 2. CD Rom, 3. Diabled and Other Boot Device Enabled.

Had to load from Last Known Good Config tp load XP. On Start ADD NEW HARDWARE WIZARD started and found driver but 15 mins later progress bar is at 100% but Wizard doesnt finish.

Thanks for help so far but Im no back where i started. Thought I would try and update the PCI BIOS but although everything is hunky dory in BIOS settings, both Floppy and CD do not now boot.

  howard60 16:07 27 Feb 2005

it would seem that you have a conflict somewhere. I fitted my card when it was impossible to flash the bios of a pentium 3/450 and the hard disk having died the bios would not accept the new larger hard drive. After several failed attempts to get it working I read the flaming manual and low and behold it said to set the pc bios to not installed after that all was ok. Have you checked in system - device manager to see if anything has the yellow kiss of death? My only further suggestions is something you have starting at boot up may be the hidden culprit. Start - run - msconfig - top right tab - startup. I take the ticks out of everything except the firewall and virus checker. If that cures it you can then add other things in 1 at a time until you find the problem. Sorry I cannot think of anything else.

  howard60 16:09 27 Feb 2005

in your bios the only thing that you should have labelled as not installed is the hard drive?

  Zeppelyn 21:27 27 Feb 2005

Thanks for the help Howard. Ill try the msconfig startup items first.

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