Prolonged disk activity after POST

  jack 08:09 07 Aug 2004

Since installing a disk managment software which came wuth a caddy[ Intellistor]which the system disliked so it has now been taken out , a change has taken place in the primary HDD.
At the end of POST instead of going to 'Starting or Restarting Windows' The last post screen hangs and the drive ingoes into a period of loud 'chuntering'
This can be as long as 2/3 minutes for a cold boot, a little less for a warm boot.
I have carried out all the obvious tasks - Defrag, Regclean etc.
So far it has diminished a little but is still at it.
What is the significance.?

  LastChip 11:11 07 Aug 2004


  jack 10:06 08 Aug 2004

Thank you last chip

XP pro

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:44 08 Aug 2004

Have you tried a restore?

  jack 14:40 08 Aug 2004

Thank you F/B
Restore in Safe Mode was the only way I could get the machine to run after this incident.
I then did the Clean up - Defrag Et Al

To day after siesta it took 2 minutes of chuntering from 'sleep' mode.

  oldal 14:49 08 Aug 2004

I hate to be a prophet of doom but this may indicate a failing disk. The disk may be retrying several times to access data. As a first step its worth doing a scandisk to see if any errors show up.
BACKUP any vital files ASAP.

  Graham ® 14:54 08 Aug 2004

Try Regcompact click here

  jack 14:56 08 Aug 2004

oldal Possible disk failure

that thought had crossed my mind and precautions taken -but in the cleanup the checks showed no
bad sectors - so we live in hope!

  LastChip 19:36 08 Aug 2004

Go to Control Panel; Administration Tools; Event Viewer; and look at "System Events".

You may find one or more errors reported and if you right click each and select "Properties", you may get a clue to what is causing your problem.

The system is very likely searching for a service or driver that no longer exists.

  jack 15:30 09 Aug 2004

Thank you for the down load advice - have now got them in and will see what is what in the coming daze.
Thank you LastChip for the Admin Tools Event viewer
Just taken a peek - I am now all pale and all of a quiver So many 'errors and warnings
Mostly inoccuos like a dropped line on the ISP
A lot of 'Bad Blocks' reported thankfully on the
drives from the junk box that I have been messing with in the Caddy whilst waiting for the
Mega-Giga drive to arrive.

None of this so far has shorted the prolonged chuntrering- perchance the downloads will sort it.


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