Prolems since installing old stuff on new PC

  kinger 16:28 21 Feb 2005

Hi all.

Since re-installing all my programs to a new PC, updating them and putting all my backed up data on, I seem to be having niggly little problems using it.

Microsoft Publisher 2002 will not show jpg images or objects from magazines that I have produced, nor will it scan in new jpg files. They appear as blank squares in the pages.

However, if I open the program and make a brand new document, it scans in perfectly. It seems all my backed up, but re-installed, files don’t display properly.

Also, I made sure that I’d backed up my MS Outlook 2002 emails too. But on trying to import them (via the ‘import’ .pst files) I get an alert message stating that the file I’m trying to import isn’t a Personal Folder file, when I KNOW that it is because I backed it up before I installed it on the new PC.

Can anyone help with these annoying problems?


  kinger 17:37 21 Feb 2005

Just to add, when I load the files into my notebook PC, Publisher works fine. So is it my new computer or just a setting somewhere?

Hope you can help.

  kinger 18:46 21 Feb 2005

Just tried the Outlook .pst file on laptop and it still insists that it's not a Personal Folder file. Strange or what?

  woodchip 19:00 21 Feb 2005

Try opening the files in another program. If they open resave them with different name

  pipedream 20:10 21 Feb 2005

For the Publisher one, try going to View then Pictures & Check the setting there is correct.

  jakimo 20:19 21 Feb 2005

Does your new pc have a different OS from your old one?

  Sharpamatt 20:48 21 Feb 2005

Im presuming your new system has XP try useing the compability program to set those programs you are haveing trouble with, to whatever version of windows you had on your old system

  kinger 21:06 21 Feb 2005

I am using XP service pack 2.

My old system was the same.

I can only open the MS Publisher files with the program that created them (a number of magazines that I produce).

My laptop PC opens them properly but my new desktop PC can't seem to show the jpg files or other objects that I created to make the page look good.

MS Word also shows a blank square instead of my logo but, when I click on the picture properties and change the picture settings, it will display the logo for a few seconds and then it disappears once again.

This is very odd, I've never come across it before. Hope this helps.

As I said earlier, if I create a brand NEW document, everything is fine, but I need my old ones, of course.

  kinger 22:01 21 Feb 2005

I've just tried MS Outlook 2002 again (although it's just been updated to 2003) and it imports a much older .pst file, no problem.

The one I NEED, which is Feb 2005, brings the error 'This is not a Personal Folders file'. (Grrrr)

  Gongoozler 10:18 22 Feb 2005

Is this at all relevant? click here

  kinger 23:17 22 Feb 2005

Thanks, I'll check it out.

On the graphics not showing front. I reinstalled MS Publisher and it seems to have cured that problem. But in MS Word I still can't see graphics until I preview or print the document. They flash up on to the screen for a few seconds, then disappear again.

This is a brand new installation so shouldn't be corrupted. I reinstalled MS Word too but this time it didn't cure the problem.

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