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  silverous 17:58 03 May 2006


I've been asked to source a projector screen for a presentation - probably about 12 people in a meeting room...the presenter is bringing a projector.

I've looked into 'hiring' and been told that although hire is only 25 quid it will cost double that again to courier it to us and back to the hire company.

Misco have projector screens in stock for around 140 quid which is just 2 hires worth...

The question is - what determines the kind of screen I need, I've never purchased one before and wonder what the factors should be in deciding whether the misco one is the correct size/shape/quality.

We wouldn't want to fix it to a wall but would want a tripod/easily retractable one.


  g0nvs 18:19 03 May 2006

You could always pin a white sheet to the wall, much cheaper!!

  wallbash 18:40 03 May 2006

Have been a projectist ( art/travel/race night ) for over thirty years. If the presenter is bringing a 16mm film projector to use

I) a white wall is acceptable
( I have even got away with a light cream )
2) Sheet, would have to be stretched very tight

3) ask around, school/village hall etc might lend you one
4) for a dozen people , you are really looking at a VERY small screen 5ft???
5) cost of screen seem high for a limited use.

6) back to sheet .. tight on diy wooden frame
Balance on two chairs, on a table

PS if the projector is a modern computer item please consign above remarks to the bin.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 03 May 2006

Have used

Bluetak and a sheet of A6 paper

length of rope, pegs/ bullbog clips, white sheet, small weights

but worst was click here

  silverous 21:28 03 May 2006

..they all sound like great suggestions however I should have said this is for corporate use and I don't want it to look like we've been watching blue peter!

Unfortunately our walls are a horrible brown textured type wallpaper/colour so I think it will be tough to read on that with nothing.

I'm veering towards rental (75 quid for a 5ft I think the guy said - delivered on day 1 p.m., use on day 2, pickup on day 3 a.m.) although Misco one at 140 quid is not sounding like a bad purchase at this stage as we an use if we get our own projector.

I should also have said that I belive the projector will be hooked up to a laptop so not a film situation. Would one of these do it? So many formats!

click here

  g0nvs 19:53 04 May 2006

If you're local I'll paint a white square on the wall for £50.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:32 04 May 2006

75 quid for a 5ft

I'm in the wrong job, think I'll start renting out my pull down screens.

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