Projecting part of the computer display

  Together 21:17 02 Dec 2007

I have new Samsung NP-R20 laptop running Vista Home edition. I have come across a programme which, on the laptop, displays a screen, a specicic part of which can be projected if the computer has a dual output graphic card. The present graphic card is ATI Radecon Xpress 1250.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to whether the existing set up can be tweeked to provide the dual output required.

  norman47 21:29 02 Dec 2007

The NP-R20 does have a separate VGA port. Have you tried connecting a monitor to this port and then dragging the image over to this monitor?

click here

  Together 12:53 03 Dec 2007

Thanks for your suggestion.
A projector connected to the laptop's VGA port projects exactly what is on the laptop's monitor.

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