Projecting my ppts in the classroom

  Jtuck1 08:07 12 Jan 2017

I'm a trainee teacher at a school and I need to display a PowerPoint PPT. I dont get given a laptop and there is no computer in the classroom. All I have is my tablet which is a windows Nexus 5 thingy majiggidy.

I need to find a way to wire a null modem port to either a USB or a micro hdmi port as that's all I have on my tablet.

Any and all advice would be appreciated.

  difarn 09:02 12 Jan 2017

As a retired teacher I used an interactive whiteboard every day. I was also responsible for trainee teachers and find it absolutely unacceptable that you have not been given access to a laptop to be able to project your PowerPoints. At the very least you should be able to use the laptop of a teacher in the subject department to which you are attached.

Have you spoken to the IT Department, your Mentor, the Head/Principle?

Some projectors do have a bluetooth facility to enable some tablets to be used to project to the whiteboard but that would mean changing settings on the projector which, in the circumstances, I'm not at all sure that the school would be happy for you to do.

Before you go down the route of trying to adapt your tablet you really should try to get the school to allow you to use one of their laptops.

  Jtuck1 09:10 12 Jan 2017

Thanks for the advice Difan. Unfortunately, the school im at doesn't use interactive white boards so that's not an option. Yeah I've spoken to my coordinator and mentor and they've said that the schools policy doesn't allow them to provide pgce students with laptops or wi-fi access. Also a result of the school having no money (like all schools ATM). I could potentially use the teachers laptop but 1: It's possible the teacher won't be there 2: it means they can't get on with work during the lesson and 3: it just adds one more thing into my day that could go wrong. Clearly it's my only option at current but I'm looking for a way to try and connect my micro HDMI to null modem. I thought it was dvi at first so I bought a converter for that which I will have to return. Do you know if it's possible to convert Null modem to HDMI?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:04 12 Jan 2017

Sure its not a Nexus 7 tablet? and how old pre 2012 the port was usb only, not micro HDMI.

What connections are available on the projector RCA DVI HDMI RGA?

I would have loved an interactive whiteboard for training, we were still using the old plastic on OHPs well into this century, had to force the boss into buying projectors by only writing new courses in power point :0)

  Jtuck1 10:17 12 Jan 2017

Hi FruitBat. Possibly, can't remember the name of it but I 100% know that it uses a micro HDMI cable. Part of the issue is the the ohp is it is quite overhead. It has a HDMI port on the back of it but not one that has been threaded through and made accessible to the teachers desk. I would have to have my tablet on a desk next to a student which is far from ideal. The only threaded cable is a null modem unfortunately.

Interestingly my coordinator told me that most of the classrooms used to have IWBs but they all said they preferred the traditional 'plastic' as you called it. I understand there are benefits to both and while I prefer plastic at this stage in my teaching, the potential uses of IWBs is huge and so it's a shame they took them out of the English building.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 12 Jan 2017

Sure its not VGA rather than Null modem can't see a projector having a null modem?

  difarn 11:26 12 Jan 2017

I am absolutely amazed in this day and age that classrooms do not have interactive whiteboards and for teachers to prefer the old plastic - heavens above, that boat sailed eons ago! Even if some teachers prefer to use the old methods they would be there for those who do want to use them.

You really do need to be trained in how to use interactive whiteboards and your PGCE Mentor should make certain that you have the opportunity of using them. My advice to you is to see whether you can take the lessons in which you need an interactive whiteboard in a classroom that has one.

If you are a PGCE student then the teacher whose lessons you are teaching should be free at the same time so, theoretically, there could be a laptop free. I've never heard of a school that didn't allow wifi access to PGCE Students either. I would seriously consider talking to your university mentor as you will be at a serious disadvantage when you eventually get a teaching job in a school without the relevant expertise using interactive whiteboards.

I strongly urge you to to push for the use of an interactive whiteboard/laptop on the occasions when you need them. If they took the IWBs out of the English building did they also take out the projectors?

Have you thought about giving the lessons where you need to use powerpoints in the IT suite? Not ideal but may solve a problem.

Sorry I don't have much to offer in the way of advice about using your tablet at this stage.

  difarn 11:29 12 Jan 2017

An afterthought. At my last school there were sets of classroom laptops available which could be booked out for lessons. Teaching materials could be accessed via the school intranet to which the pupils had access. Does your school have these?

  difarn 12:46 12 Jan 2017

I'm wondering if it possible to have a null modem to usb adapter and then a usb adapter to micro hdmi? Do you have a branch of Maplins nearby as they are usually very helpful and often make up leads.

  Jtuck1 12:48 12 Jan 2017

FruitBat! That's solved it. It's definitely a VGA and there's a converter that will work for exactly what I need to do and I can use my HDMI to micro HDMI converter! Thanks!

Difan, that's a very good point about IWBs and trying to gain experience with them. One of my assignments is to create a multimedia resource so that should be a good time to ask about access. I just started at this placement so don't want to rock the boat and make a complaint cos I really like this school :)

Thanks both for your advice!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:54 12 Jan 2017

Be very careful with VGA to HDMI adapter cables as a lot don't work as advertised HDMI is digital VGA is analogue if memory serves right.

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