Progs not responding slow boot

  jerica 09:57 28 Sep 2017

Hi, just lately my pc has started to take ages to boot up and sometimes it freezes so I have to reboot it, I'm also getting problems with progs freezing then not responding and I'm either having to wait for ages or close the prog, which also sometimes takes ages. It's quite old now, Asus P5K SE running a intel quad 9650 chip with 8 gig of ram and it's been fine until a couple of weeks ago. Nothing new added but it does seem to be taking exception to one of the USB add on drives which I use to store all my photos. It take a long time to tell me it's connected, then tells me there is something wrong with it and then tells me it's OK. Any ideas? Thanks.

  wee eddie 10:31 28 Sep 2017

How full is your C Drive?

What is your AV?

What Anti malware Software are you running regularly?

When did you last defrag your Storage Drives

  jerica 11:49 28 Sep 2017

C drive about 80%, AV is AVG free,haven't done a malware check for a while and I defragged a couple of days ago, including the removable drive.

  wee eddie 12:49 28 Sep 2017

C Drive is becoming critically full. That may be the cause of your problem.

Wait until someone else has weighed in but, I reckon trimming its contents to about 70%, or below, could solve the problem.

Using CCleaner might help you along the way

  jerica 12:52 28 Sep 2017

OK, ta, I'll do some trimming and download c cleaner.

  Jollyjohn 13:10 28 Sep 2017

I agree C: drive a bit full. Using Ccleaner look for System Restore points and delete them.

Look in Event viewer and see if the same issue is occuring.

Check all fans are running and there is a good airflow around PC.

  jerica 20:39 30 Sep 2017

Thanks for the advice, seems to be running faster. It would be useful if there was a way of finding what you need and what you don't, I've got lots of stuff that I have no idea what it does so I will not delete it just in case.

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