Programs try to install on Z Drive

  NJ4959 12:51 18 Aug 2011

I use a Netgear Stora NAS to store my data files. On my desktop PC 'My Documents' and 'My Pictures' are pointed to the 'Z' drive on the Stora. I have recently tried to install a couple of new programs but each time I get the message "Invalid Drive Z". As far as I am aware programs should install onto the C drive. The programs do not give me the option as to where I can install them. There is no problem installing programs on my laptop as it does not use the Stora the same way. Any ideas?

  gengiscant 14:02 18 Aug 2011

This will be of no help whatsoever I had one of those Netgear Stora NAS boxes and had one problem after another with it. Got rid of it. I am a great fan of Netgear but not the Stora.

As to your problem,I am puzzled when you say that the programs do not give you an option of where to install, I have never come across that before, have you tried the Stora Forum? Forum

  lotvic 14:27 18 Aug 2011

change the default location that windows installs programs

To change the default application installation folder, open your registry clicking the Start -- Run menu and type regedit in the Run window.

Find the following registry key and change its value from "Z:\Program Files" to "C:\Program Files"

Edit the registry to:

In the left pane: HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version

In the right pane: Rightclick on 'ProgramFilesDir' change Value to: C:\Program Files

Click on OK and close Registry Editor. Close pc down and reboot.

Please note that some programs ignore this registry setting, but this will work in most cases and certainly for all programs that are designed properly for Windows.

Be sure to make a backup of your registry before making any changes to it. You can back your registry by selecting "File" "Export" in the registry editor. If you make a mistake or the registry changes don't work as expected, you'll be able to use the "File" -- "Import" menu to reload the previous registry settings.

  lotvic 14:33 18 Aug 2011

This forum doesn't let you type two underscores _ as part of a word so HKEYLOCALMACHINE should have an underscore either side of LOCAL instead of it being in intalics

  lotvic 14:38 18 Aug 2011

edit, 'either' should read both sides of LOCAL

  NJ4959 16:11 18 Aug 2011

Thanks for the help so far. Strangely, the registry is already set to C:\Program Files.

With regards to the comment about where I can choose to install, programs as I remember used to ask where do you want to install, and give all the available drive locations. The two I have tried to install don't give that option and just report the error (Z drive invalid).

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