Programs Taking Over my Computer!

  livewire 14:51 05 Sep 2003

I have Norton Internet Security 2003 Professinal. I also run Ad aware And Spy Bot, I update these programs regualy.

But why am i always getting programs that I don't want. In the last Hour i have seen to prgrams pop-up whilst i was typing out a letter in word. When i returned to the Desktop i saw an icon for lycos Side Search. What was it doing there? i had not requested it to be installed, infact I dont even use Lycos! I was quick to remove it. I then Ran Ad aware, Spy Bot and Norton Anti Virus. Thinking al was safe I started to browse the internet and when typing an address in the search bar i was taken to the Allmighty search instead of MSN. Also i was taken to ALmighty when evrer i clicked on a bad link! I have had this problem for weeks now. But thanks to some members on the pc advisor forum the problem is now fixed. Thanks guys!

As i continued browsing I right cliked and one of the options on my list was Ebates money maker. How did this get here?? Once again i had never used Ebates or given the go ahed to install. So back to adaware and spy bot I go.

Its all well and good to have ad-aware but can't i have a real time scanner? So i can remove malicous Spy ware programs as they download to my Computer? Does anyone know of one?

Today Lycos and Ebates tommarrow who knows what my machine might pick up!

Are there any real time scanners out there?

  expertec 14:55 05 Sep 2003

Try SpywareBlaster click here

  velodrome 15:06 05 Sep 2003

or SpywareGuard click here

  livewire 15:59 05 Sep 2003

Thank-you for the suggestions i will install them immediatly

  -pops- 16:01 05 Sep 2003

When you've sorted it out download this as well click here

  livewire 16:29 05 Sep 2003

Thanks you all :)

  emmandelo1 18:55 05 Sep 2003

Hi guys, can anyone suggest an alternative to OE. This is for my father-in-law (75 years old) He has win95 on a fairly basic machine and i belive it's OE5. He only uses his computer for Word Processing and e-mailing all his mates around the world. OE is playing up at present. I am visiting this weekend and will try to resolve it but just in case it may be prudent to have another prog I can put on for him.

  emmandelo1 18:56 05 Sep 2003

Whhops, sorry. Meant to be in a new thread. Please ignore.

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