Programs to syncronise a portable hard drive

  TheTerminator 12:07 18 Oct 2003

I have a portable hard disk i take to school with all my teaching materials on. I have a problem, in that I take it to school, do work and bring it back and forget to copy across the work I have done - effectively back it up to my laptop. Is there a program that can syncronise my work from portable hard disk to my documents on my computer, just copying across the updated files rather than all the files (including the ones which have not been updated?)

  TheTerminator 16:44 18 Oct 2003


  wee eddie 22:20 18 Oct 2003

I thought I had a solution, but when I read it through it did not work as well as I expected.

So I shall just bump your thread instead.

  TheTerminator 22:32 18 Oct 2003

tell me anyway! don't break my heart yet though... but it may give me suitable inspiration,. thanks

  wee eddie 22:50 18 Oct 2003

What a really trite statement used by those that want to impress.

The box in this case is the Portable Hard drive.

From what you say. You work on them on the Home PC > then put the new versions back on the box.

The Box will appear as a separate drive on your home system > Work on the Box > Just rename the new version of the file with an update number > If you wish you can keep a copy of that new file on the Home system.

The advantage of this is that you have a running update of the files and should you wish to recap, you can just drop back a couple of versions.

  huddy1710 22:53 18 Oct 2003

use a program already built in to windows, called briefcase. go to add new windows items and install. then its just like carring a briefcase? put in what u want or take out etc.

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