Programs slow to start and no System Restore

  daz246 13:42 14 Sep 2004

I've installed SP2 and everything works fine, however the past few days when I turn on the computer it starts up ok, loads everything fine. I then try to open up a program and it starts up ok, I then try to open up a second program and it takes nearly 5 miutes before anything else will open up. Any ideas?

Secondly when ever I try to do a system restore i get the message restore failed incomplete restore. I've tried this with numerous restore points and always get the same message. Any ideas?

I have P4 1.7Ghz with XP SP2 and 512MB RAM.


  pjwheeldon 13:57 14 Sep 2004

Have you had a look in startup? Sounds like you may have a bunch of programmes working in the background using all your processor power.

  daz246 16:25 14 Sep 2004

What programs should and shouldn't I have running?

  daz246 16:26 14 Sep 2004

What programs should and shouldn't I have running?

  pjwheeldon 09:20 17 Sep 2004

Have a look at each programme on click here. This will give you an idea what most of them are (it is a little out of date so some of the latest programmes are not on there) and how important they are. They will keep suggesting you use their system tweak software to turn off the rubbish, but mostly just unchecking it in startup will do the job just as well!

By the way, in case you are not sure how to get to your startup programmes its start, then run, type in msconfig, and startup is usually the last tab.

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