Programs secretly dialling the internet

  jaybee 09:01 05 Sep 2003

I'm running McAfee internet security quite happily but not at all sure what programs I should allow to dial out an access the internet without me knowing. Does anyone know why Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer, needs to connect to the net? If I tell McAfee to block it, a pop-up keeps coming for ever so I have to allow it. How do I find out what Windows Explorer is up to? Has a trojan taken control or somthing? What progs should I allow to dial out?

  graham√ 09:30 05 Sep 2003

Go to My computer, open C drive, open Documents and Settings, open Cookies. Delete the lot.

Instal Cookie Wall from click here

Only let in the cookies you need to log onto sites such as this.

If you are happy going into the Registry, make a copy (export), then do a search for 'dialers' (that's how it's spelt) and delete all those.

  Tog 11:20 05 Sep 2003

Some programmes have an auto-update facility. You have to look for it at install or in the blurb that comes with them. Personally I disable them all (usually in the options) and check for updates when it's convenient to me. Most should prompt you before trying to connect to the net.

  alcudia 11:31 05 Sep 2003

I get the same thing. Norton Firewall reports that Windows Explorer is attempting to access the Internet. Does anyone know why. If I don't permit it's a constant nuisance. Just like jaybee is experiencing.

  leo49 12:09 05 Sep 2003

This is one of reasons that brought MS into conflict with the US regulatory authorities - the integration of IE into the Windows shell, so that Windows Explorer needs access to the Net. I've no idea how Norton firewalls work but with ZA I allow Windows Explorer Net access rights but deny it Server rights and experience no problems.

  Megatyte 12:28 05 Sep 2003

Using ZA I've permanently blocked Windoze Explorer. No adverse effects.


  jordi2 12:33 05 Sep 2003

No need to pay for your antivirus, you can find the same service from free ones that do the same service.Here is one of them:

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  jaybee 00:35 06 Sep 2003

Lots for me to be thinking about and at least I have some excellent ideas about how to sort it.
Its quite scary what is going on in the darkness.

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