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Programs randomly freezing

  johndrew 12:21 18 Sep 2011

Something I have not seen in these Forums or experienced.

In the past three days I have had various programs freeze (Not Responding) for no apparent reason. They include Firefox, Outlook Express and Malwarebytes; this latter during an update, the others during normal use.

The only updates I have done recently are those to update my AV and anti-malware, Microsoft monthly updates and Firefox to 3.6.22.

I have carried out full scans for infections with nothing being found by AVG, Sptbot S&D, Spyware Terminator and Malwarebytes. Additionally the usual MS Removal Tool scan which was carried out during the recent update process showed nothing.

I have seen no similar reports but have no idea of the cause unless it is CMOS battery - but my clock is fine.

Can anyone offer any suggestion as to the cause or has anyone else experience this problem.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 10:21 06 Oct 2011

Should also have mentioned, that reading the memory usage article for Firefox it indicates that 'normal' usage is 100 - 150 so I'm just above the top of that.

  johndrew 14:29 06 Oct 2011

IE has entered a 'Not Responding' state but can be closed and restarted. I have also experienced my internet connection to refuse to disconnect even though there is no activity in or out. But it is generally Firefox.

If I could save all my Add-ons, passwords, sites and so forth I would completely remove and reinstall Firefox, but I'm not certain it would help to do this anyway as, like now, it is working. I feel certain there is a simple remedy but have no idea what it is or how to find it. You mentioned a complete XP re-installation a while back, but I'm unsure if that would resolve the problem either. There seems to be either a conflict of some sort or there is something broken, but where and by what - again I have no idea.

I ran Housecall (online scanner) in case my own AV was missing anything but nothing was found.

  johndrew 14:32 06 Oct 2011

An articles like this don't help a great deal either!

  johndrew 14:54 06 Oct 2011

I have found this article about Firefox not responding. It mentions the Profile folder and identifies it will have a .default suffix.

I have found the location and see I have two .default folders. Given that I am the sole user, could this be part of the problem or is it perhaps still down to some form of Registry corruption?

  johndrew 15:52 06 Oct 2011

Having read an interesting article on problems affecting Firefox, I did a check of Plugin updates necessary and found FlashPlayer needed updating. It froze (Not Responding) during the update/installation process and again could not be shut down using Task Manager.

There really seems to be a problem somewhere.

  johndrew 12:43 09 Oct 2011

Having deleted one of the user Profiles, I seemed to be on the mend then it all froze again. Very frustrating.

I have uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled but the problem still appears present.

I have found that by starting Firefox before I initiate the internet connection through my router it tends to function better. Possibly a router problem? If so how do I check it out?

In two separate conversations with people separated by several hundred miles, I was told they also have experienced this type of freezing during connection and have needed to Restart their PCs to clear the problem. Both, with no prompting from me, said they believed it had something to do with work BT were doing to 'phone lines/systems. Has anyone else heard of such an effect being present?

  johndrew 15:44 10 Oct 2011

^ Anyone???

  johndrew 20:03 10 Oct 2011

"Have you flushed the dns?"

Yes, several times.

I just logged on again with Firefox, it did two updates to the Add-ons and froze during loading. I think it is something on the PC; either within the OS or perhaps some other software conflicting. I shall try a repair tomorrow unless a better idea comes along.

  johndrew 20:14 10 Oct 2011

And then as I posted the above IE went into 'Not Responding' mode!! Annoying, confusing ...... or what.

  johndrew 14:21 12 Oct 2011

Having progressed this problem in a new thread I shall close this down.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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